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No offense to you guys, because you all seem pretty level-headed since many of you are musicians yourselves, but I can't stand a lot of Tool fans. The example someone posted earlier about how a fan walked away from him because he lacked a certain "understanding" of Tool is ridiculous, yet an important example to be made. Anyone that can simply learn to love a band and their songs already develops their own "understanding". The Tool fanbase scares me. I skimmed through the "Toolnavy" forums a few days ago reading comments being made about their upcoming album, and I've gotta say, it was ridiculous, how seriously they take every little aspect of the band and any little thing related to them.

That being said... Danny Carey himself is extremely talented from a technical standpoint, but it only seems to be when he's in Tool. I've heard some of his work in other music and it just doesn't strike me as being anything nearly as unique. Which does say a lot about the chemistry between the four men in Tool, but I can't say it does much for me when I'm listening to see if I can figure out what all the fuss is about outside of Carey's elite drumming skills.

On the other hand, while his work is outstanding, a lot of Tool songs sound very very similar -- this includes Danny's style. And it gets boring after a while. It's almost as if this guy is geared more towards being a technical drummer over anything else, which has its strengths and weaknesses. I'm not knocking his skills at all, he's one of a kind and there's no debating that.

My favorite drummer from the 90's on is Jimmy Chamberlin. He doesn't sound like Danny Carey, but hey, he sounds like Jimmy Chamberlin, so that's good enough for me. I like Jimmy because he doesn't have to do math problems and study all kinds of obscure things to sound the way that he does -- though he still does invest a lot of time into figuring out many ways to integrate different kinds of jazzy rhythms on top of rock while keeping things fluid. Not to mention, be it the Pumpkins, Zwan, or his own Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, he stays on top of his drumming. Honestly, it's hard to compare Chamberlin and Carey anyway, because they're both so different yet amazing in their own way. Pert, Carey and Chamberlin are among the best out there right now in my opinion.
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