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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

I know nothing about drumming from a true musician's standpoint, as I technically know nothing about drums other than how much I like what I hear. But let me say that first of all, this thread made me just register here because it is nice to finally see Jimmy Chamberlin get the recognition he deserves. Billy Corgan himself said that Chamberlin is the most talented member in the Pumpkins. And yes, the band is getting back together, in fact they are recording a new album this summer. Go to if you want to sign up for the mailing list. Billy and Jimmy are in it for sure, maybe Melissa auf der Maur, and I haven't heard anything about James Iha yet.

I have a two clips that really show off his drumming. I would post another song, "Rock On," from their b-sides disc "Judas O," but I cannot because it is featured on a commerical disc. However, his drumming in that song is amazing. The band recorded it in one take, so there was no messing around, especially on Jimmy's part. Anyone that wants to hear one mindblowing performance by JC should definitely check that out.

Clip 1 - Drum solo:

Clip 2 - Heavy Metal Machine: - Gets really interesting at about 3:50 - 5:02, then kind of straightforward from 5:35 to 6:09, and then right after that Jimmy is just all over the place, I can't even explain it, but it's amazing. The whole thing is.

I've never heard a drummer cycle through what seems like so many different approaches and styles to music yet keeping his own signature sound at the same time. He truly is one of a kind. Everyone likes to give Dave Grohl all the praise for being the best 90's drummer, but I disagree.
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