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Default Re: I'm here! -

Well, jeez, I'm just one out of our family of drummers. Thanks for such a great welcome!
Bernhard - I hope you know how much fun it was to meet you at Musikmesse- and inspiring as well (esp. to hear about your drum kit and it's date of manufacture). And yes - I think i will see you again next year - plus hopefully do some clinics in Europe!

I purposely spend time on the internet - not only with my site but visiting all the other drummer sites.

I remember going to Yugoslavia in '86 (when it WAS Yugoslavia) and playing at a music festival with saxaphonist Bill Evans SuperGroup. I moved to LA and Dennis replaced me... bummer :(
(he IS pretty good though, huh? :D)

Some of the drummers there had never even seen a picture of Buddy Rich - let alone heard many drummers in person! Yet they were asking me about Buddy and others...
I remember giving all my sticks and extras away to drummers who were playing taped together stickes that I would've thrown out ages ago. My point is - the internet has provided us all with information and the world is changing. Sometimes I am afraid of where we are going in our wacky world - but I KNOW I can always count on ourselves, (us drummers) to get along and grow together. I think it's up to us how we use the internet - but it is a potentially wonderful thing! Bernhard has given us the biggest and best and fastest conduit around! Thanks Mr. B!

So here we go!... Let's share more info. I am happy to give my 2 cents-answer to any question. Feel free to dish away. If I have strayed away - come over to my site and reel me in! You know, answering questions (or teaching) only firms up one's self-beliefs! So I gain from this as well. And with that - I'll say - THANKS!
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