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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by infernal drummer
yeah i have seen all the videos from him.. and yes i am kidding when i say "not bad for an old timer" :D .. i could never play as fast as him..
ppl can learn from all the old timers. listen to drum solo from brian bennet.. the litle b .. that is also some exellent stuff..

for metal (speedmetal) i like mickey dee (check out the helloween album "rabbit dont come easy" and ppl will know the word speed hehe) and uli kusch..

none the less.. ill still say the more drums.. the better the sounds ppl can make. if they know how to use them. i have no doubt that gene or buddy could have.. p.s. im not talking mike portnoy drumkit .. just a couple of 6" and 8" ..
Heh, yeah... I've always thought how amazingly great would be to have someone like Buddy behind a drumkit playing xtremely fast xtreme metal with xtremely fast blast beats with the only dexterity he had to go along throught ALL the song xtremely fast and fluidly... that would be a dream-coming-true. He (Buddy) would be an insane metal player, that's for sure! :p but OF COURSE, the best way for Buddy to explore his talents was in Jazz and in it's intrincate possibilities, certainly NOT in Metal.. he's from the 20's after all.... :p just wondering those hiper-fast-never-fatigued-hands doing what they know best doing (and doing it in a metal gig...) WOW... :]
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