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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I'm BallPeen, which is a type of hammer (ie, you beat on things with it).

I'm in my late 50's. I started playing guitar when I turned 50. Eventually I got with a group of friends to play music and we all played guitar. To throw a little variety and time keeping into the mix, I bought a used set of CB drums (SP series), took a couple of lessons, and have been playing them for two years now. I'm apparently a better drummer than I am a guitar player.

The CB set is a great set, but I'm ready to upgrade. I'm mainly looking at Gretch, Yamaha and Ludwig but haven't pulled the trigger yet. When I get the new set, the CBs will be moved to the side, and our jam sessions will be set for two drummers.

My drum influences include Gene Krupa and Bonzo, but two I really like are Brian Keenan (Chambers Brothers) and Ed Cassidy (Art Pepper, Rising Sons, Spirit).

Happy to be here and to be able to soak up the knowledge that I'm sure abides here on these forums.
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