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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

well i started playing when i was 13, i tried guitar,and Sax never liked them. my route isnt typical most of my friend s who play instrument took lesson for several yrs, a friend named john had and old westbury drum kit i used to go over to see him noticed all the sheets of lessons , a metronome and at that time he was paying (mom) $25/hr in 78.and he was pretty impressive his first song he played was the theme from hawaii fiveo (mel taylor). he played it with out the music he was 13.I was never on a set never knew how to hold the sticks, he said i betch you cant play that, i replied ill try. i listened to it once put on the head phones no problem he was lhao. he ran upstairs yelling mom jimmy just payed that song that took me 3 month to learn, So his mom called my mom and said for me to go see johns teacher so i did. George Harrison( not the beatle) lol . so i talked to him he was and old big band drummer my mom couldnt stop laughing at the name imagine george harrison. so he gave me some sticks and head phones and i played three songs, after only hearing each one once- Beginnings by chicago the white room bycream - rain by the beatles- so my mom asked well george she laughed so how about my son. Your son is gifted i never seen anyone like him in 40 yrs of being in the music business, so does he need lessons???? i can teach him how to read music she said i dont know he has a learning disability he find reading very frustrating and i did i learned the basics of chart reading so im sorry that i cant related to many drummers out there who had to go through gruelling hrs of pain staking practise. well that was 36 yrs ago i mostly learned by hearing songs only once- im very blessed and humble to be able to do this my favorite drummer where ringo starr beacause he was a beatle, Hal Blaine session and dennis wilson the beachboys.
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