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Default Re: Lookin for good quality drum mics! Help Please!


350$ is not enough to get real quality drum mic.
But let me advise you what i would buy for this price.
First The snare : of course you need a good one. The best price/quality is the Shure sm57 ( which costs 100$ I believe ). You won't find better on this price range. this mic is dynamic.
For the cymbals, you need a electrostatic pair. Some cheap and not too bad are these ones
So here we're at 150$ ( approx )
For the bass drum buying you must buy a not too cheap one;
I advise this one :
The total ups too 280 $

For the toms, Fame makes good cheap cardioid mic. If you have Music store catalog, search in, you ll find some at 30 $
( like those 4 )

Hope i ve helped you
My kit! (updated on sept 2006 )
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