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Default Re: Drummers who've inspired your playing

I would say that I went through different stages of drumming. Keith Moon was the first to make me aware of the drums, and then I got into him and Peter Criss, then finally got serious when I got into thrash and Lars Ulrich (yep, really) became my inspiration along with Dave Lombardo, and other of my favorite drummers. (yes, Lars sucks now...his playing has simply not developed and I find his drumming now mindless, but he's rich and has lots of art so what do I know?)

Then I started to desire a more technical progression while remaining heavy and go interested in Sean Reinert, Gene Hoglan, and Neal Peart to a lesser extent on heaviness...drummers like that. I followed that up by moving further in a prog direction (Reinert still qualifies) by getting into Mike Portnoy, who I still love. From Dream Theater I jumped to the prog rock, much of which influenced DT (Porcupine Tree, Yes, Genesis, etc) and then finally worked my way backwards to the works of Bill Bruford, his work in Yes and King Crimson really inspired me. While it's a very 'under the radar' album, "Red" by King Crimson simply blows me away.

So the overall list...
Keith Moon
Peter Criss
Lars Ulrich
Dave Lombardo
Donald Tardy
Sean Reinert
Neal Peart
Gene Hoglan
Phil Collins
Derek Roddy
Mike Portnoy
Gavin Harrison
Alan White
Bill Bruford
Sonor, Sabian, Aquarian, some sticks

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