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Default Re: DW and Self - Ban Requests

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post

But not nearly as odd as the "I'm leaving......and here's 45 odd paragraphs explaining why.....whilst secretly hoping you'll all beg me to stay" threads. I've seen a few of those and always found them to be a little melodramatic, OTT and screaming of attention seeking, At least the self imposed exile is a more dignified approach....if not a little strange. Personally speaking, should I ever find I've had enough of the forum then I'd find it easier and far less hassle to just not be here one day. It really is as simple as stopping typing. But clearly not everyone sees it the same way.
Thanks Jules,I feel exactly the same way.Just don't show up explainations or fanfare.Just simply leave and don't come back.Even if you decide to leave and state your reasons for doing so,there will still be speculation and inuendo, as to what your "real" reasons were,or your state of mind,or what or whom caused your departure.

Just slip out the back door,and don't say good bye,because your intentions will never be truly understood anyway.Just my 2 cents.But having said that....this applies to me,and I'll not judge anyone else for what they decide to do.Having been NYPD for over 20 years,I've seen some ......radical human to each their own.

Steve B
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