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Default Re: Axis Pedal.... revealed

Originally Posted by mikek2111987 View Post
Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but you seem to know an awful lot about these pedals.

I just acquired an older, used set of AL-2s for dirt cheap, neither pedal has any slop in it, but the main pedal is "slow." If I push down and release on the slave it will bounce back and continue to move through the motions on its own, just like any spring assisted pedal. The main pedal however takes slightly more pressure to press down, and when released bounces right back to its stationary position and does not move anymore. I hope this makes sense.

I spoke with someone at Axis for a considerable amount of time on the phone the other day, he tried to guide me through a bunch of different things with no luck. To me it seems like a bearing, but the pedals motion is completely smooth, no grinding, binding, or unwanted movement.

Where is the variable drive lever set at on main pedal? This can have an effect on pedal response... I set mine more towards the forward of the lever....
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