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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Here's my new (to me anyway) Tama SIlverstar Limited in Tamo Ash. Basically, I bought it on eBay for 500 and had to rescue it - the edges on all the drums were dinged in several places, The inside of the batter side bass drum had a crack in it, it had EC2's but the prior owner (destroyer) put window insulation tape underneath the heads and matted to the shell. Unreal... But I fixed it with glue/wood putty/150 grit sandpaper and it sounds enormous (love them). I also made it into a virgin kick by using the support plate - sanded with emery cloth and polished with high grade metal polish, rubber gasket underneath, new screws, nylon and stainless steel washers so metal never meets wood, and voila! My new gigging kit (My renowns could not hold up frequency-wise to the guitarist on un-mic'd gigs - bass drum mic-only). The snare is a 50's round badge that my daughter painted years ago after I refinished the shell. Hardware is yamaha and sonor mostly, except the left snare stand is a vintage ludwig I keep for sentimental reasons.

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