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Default Call me Drum Phil

"Please use this thread to introduce yourself. Answer the following questions (all optional), and let us know about you."

Real name? Phil Hendrickson
Age? 48
How long have you been playing? About 40 years
Origin of user name? Just say it out loud...
Your top 5 drummers?
Jeff Hamilton, for musicianship
Brian Blade, for dynamic feel
Bill Stewart, for creativity
Art Blakey, for leadership and energy
Neil Peart, for masterful technique with taste

Make of drumkit? Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
Make of cymbal? Zildjian K Custom, K Cons, Bosphorous
Where do you practice? Basement, but not enough
Are you in a band? Yes, a jazz quartet
Do you play covers or originals? Covers
What style of music? Standards, swing, bop, blues, classic rock, fusion, funk, pop
Favourite take out food? Chipotle
What country do you live in? U.S.
One really odd fact about yourself? I'm a board game geek (euro games)
How did you start drumming? I just started beating rhythms on anything. Dad was a band director and our family is musical; it became obvious my gifts were at the drums.

It's great to see this forum to discuss music with other drummers. Keep swingin'!

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