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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by infernal drummer
no doubt the old guys like buddy rich, gene krupa and even brian bennet plays some exellent stuff.. just saw the drum solo from buddy rich.. not bad for a old timer

what i miss from these guys.. is more drums!!! the more drums the merrier i like the sound of 6 inch toms then a sudden roll down to the 13 - 16 .. and so on..
I'll assume you're kidding on this one. "not bad for a old timer", heh, that's pretty hilarious. I'm sure you don't know but Hellhammer's (Mayhem's great drummer) favourite drummer is Buddy Rich. More so than Vinnie Colaiuta or Dave Weckl, according to his own self. And if you really like metal drummers, you might recognize the name "Ian Axel Bloomberg" as well. Very probably the BEST xtreme metal drummer of today. : )

If you really like lightning-fast drums, I really suggest you to check out there three videos of Buddy below:

...and check them out carefully. They're worth it. I promise. Technique, phrasing, precision, speed, swing, control, clarity, dynamics, accents, creativity, innovations, style, dexterity, ambidextry, raw talent and a left hand and a sense of showmanship all put together like NO ONE ELSE. : ) Maybe a "little" unrealistic, but simply realistic, as much as it is difficult to believe.


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