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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone,

My name is Mario and im from Belgium,sorry if my English is bad and write mistakes,but I gonna try to do my best.

Real name: Mario S.
Age: 45
How long have you been playing: well just 2 years
Origin of user name:my nickname is: love drummer (i know it's sounds crazy,but i like it :)
Make of drum kit: it's an Alesis DM10X Edrum
Where do you practice: at home
Are you in a band: yes,and i must practice a lot
Do you play covers or originals: most covers
What style of music: a lot of styles: reggae,dance, electro,soft rock,hard rock,ballads and many others
Favorite take out food: Chinese,pizza
What country do you live in: Belgium
One really odd fact about yourself: I never give up
How did you start drumming: sins i was a kid,i played on a toy drum,but I have no time to play a real drum.Now im getting older it is my dream to play on a edrum and i enjoy it very much,but still i must practice a lot and do that every day,with love,my dream comes true.
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