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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hello fellow drummers.

My name is Mike and I'm here in CT. I played drums like mad as a kid but stopped completely about 30 years ago. This April I was driving to work a I heard a Chick Correa song with Dave Weckl on drums. I almost didn't make it to work. I suddenly realized how much I missed playing. Being 53 and hopefully with some years left I decided it was long past the time to dive back in. The drummerworld forums have been such a help so I decided to join. It is amazing how much I didn't learn the first time even though I had a professional teacher, a dad who played drums, and I practiced hours a day and played live with all kinds of bands.

Here is stuff no one ever told me but I found on the forum
Ear protection!
Practice slow before you go fast
Learn it perfectly - not just good enough
You can use your fingers to help your wrists
Use a Metronome
Always have a targeted goal oriented practice sessions. Be mindful of what you are doing
A good drummer rarely draws attention to themselves with technique or fills but always makes the other musicians sound better by creating a strong groove and deep pocket.
There is so much new great study material.
Everyone thinks their equipment and favorite drummer is the best ;)

Who knows if I will get very good, but though age is hard on the body there are compensatory factors that come with age and are making it easier to learn difficult things
Ability to relax when learning "impossible" stuff
Lack of concern about being great - I'll settle for good some day. I'm looking forward to being a full time drummer in retirement

One more wonderful thing at this age - I can buy good equipment, study materials, and lessons.

So thanks for all that I've learned here already and I hope I can give back at some point.
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