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Tre Cool is an awsome drummer. I use to be a huge fan of Green Day but no such much any more because american idiot is just not that punk more like pop/punk which I'm not a fan of but. Tre had some good drumming on that album also on Dookie and Nimrod. Tre plays easy stuff but can be a challenge at times it uses alot of energy to hit the toms really fast and stuff.
Alot of you think Tre Can't play stuff outside of Green Day but he can It's possible to find some videos of him playing alone but also very hard just because he plays punk (not hard stuff to play) deosn't mean he can't play drums at all hes been playing since he was a little kid I'm sure he can almost every catagory of music he likes to play metal music like Iron maiden, Metallica etc.... He loves drums and he owns over a dozen of them he sometimes just leaves his drums lying around at a friends house. Hes on tour now with his band Green Day and he does Drum Solo's almost every show. He has a really nice kit I've noticed he got more cymbals for the American Idiot album. Anyways Tre is an awsome drummer
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