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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Yes he is a machine, but like someone else said, that detracts from his playing. He's a great drummer, perhaps too great? hehe

Also, Live in Rio, man it was hard to watch him play...He looks like a 90 year old man fighting through arthritis.

I also don't share the same 'verve' Neil does for drum electronics. I heard him say something like electronics are the best thing ever, because you have every sound available....that's a slippery slope, because the next step is Pro Tools and a drum machine. How much would that suck to see Peart diminished to a Pro Tools engineer and drum machine sequencer?
well, I feel sorry for this...

to say all this, mr "stu", you should at least have taken some time to know the right name of the album...

and no, you didnt hear him saying "something" like you said you did. but it seems youd be pleased if he some day moved to pro tools (wich, by the way, if he did, he would have done with the authority that only him could ostent - he owns nothing else to our legacy!) .

Im sorry if I didnt catch what you mean, but in case Im right, terrible sorry for you and your poor irony...
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