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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

Originally Posted by darthwalls View Post
KISS ALIVE! I remember I was in seventh grade, 1980, I was sitting in history class, long pencil with a big eraser, my history book on the desk and a pocket full of change. I, not even realizing I was doing it, began playing Rock and Roll All Nite and the teacher came over and asked if I played drums. I said no, why? She said you should, that sound good. A couple of weeks later, me, my mom and aunt made a late night run to Taco Bell, an hour away, and ALIVE was playing. Peter's solo came on and I started banging on the back of the seats. My mom said you can play this? That's when it hit me, I said yes, can I have a drum set for Christmas. My mom and grandma went in together and got me my first set and been playing since.
I also began with tapping on my desk, although I was already in high school at that point. During my middle school years, I would get very annoyed by classmates who tapped on their desks, only to join their ranks a few years later. I also played Guitar Hero: World Tour around this time, playing the guitar at first, since that was my instrument at the time, and later switching to the drum kit controller. I never looked back. During Christmas of or 2010, I got my first snare drum, and immediately asked my parents, "now where's the rest of the set?" I got my Tama StageStar set around a month or two later, and it has been the "high road" ever since!
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