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Default Re: Paiste 14" 2002 SE hats vs 15" Giant Beats

I've used both, the 2002 14" SE a lot, and the GB 15" more recently. I really like both, it's a case of horses for courses, neither is inherently better.

My hunch is that the 2002 might not fit with the rest of the set quite so well. Paiste have that distinct family sound so they won't sound completely unrelated, but my guess would be the 2002 will push in front of the GBs a bit. But if you play with that in mind it may be a non-issue.

FWIW I know a guy who is driving some genuinely loud vintage rock material with a pair of 15" GB no problems. They might be a bit darker and more subtle than the 2002 but they still handle rock.
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