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Default Re: Paiste 14" 2002 SE hats vs 15" Giant Beats

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
I had 14 SE hats. loved them at first but over time they grew too bright for me. They tend to have a very 'tinny' sound. lower pitched 15 SE's may have been better for me.

That said, I didn't ever really like the GB hats, I have GB crashes and rides, but the GB hats never appealed. I don't think they cut at all.

but like all cymbals, don't believe what i wrote. nobody can tell you but your own ears.
Hmm... when you say they don't cut, how do you mean?

I really only use my cymbals for studio use, so I'm not really worried about them being loud in a band setting. Generally, I tend to prefer darker, smoother cymbals - but Paiste has seemed to be the only exception to that. Many of their brighter lines don't tend to be harsh to my ears and have a really smooth decay with plenty of complexity. I used to play all A Customs and have gradually strayed to darker lines since then - my GBs will be my "bright" set of cymbals, so I wanted to have some hats that worked well with them (not that my 404s won't). I've just tended to stay away from the bright sounding hats because they all tend to be harsh and clangy to me - the 2002s are a lot lighter than the ones I've owned in the past, though - which I'm thinking may mitigate those qualities significantly?

On the other hand - I know the SEs have a reputation of breaking because of the rippled bottom... I had K Custom Hybrids before that worked well for me... I'm not a heavy hitter, but when I get into it, I can be a little heavy-handed... kind of afraid of cracking them since the bottom is so light (by comparison, my 404s are actually lighter - 807/973g - so I'm not sure I should really be concerned)? :P

I mean, the SEs sound fantastic in all of the videos - but it's kind of hard to judge them when they're being used with a full set of 2002s.
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