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Default Paiste 14" 2002 SE hats vs 15" Giant Beats

I have the chance to grab a demo pair of 14" SE hats for a great price and I've really been considering trying them out... I have a 24" and 20" Giant Beat on the way and was planning to buy an 18" Multi and the 15" hats to round them out... but then these 2002s popped up.

Generally, I really like the 2002s, but they're a bit bright for my tastes and I'm worried that the 14" SEs will be too brash for me... I currently use a pair of 404 hats that I LOVE, but they've patina'd quite a bit and are significantly darker than what I think of when I think of the 2002s I've owned.

Obviously, the 15" GBs will have a lower pitch and be a little more sloshy - but how will the 14" SEs compare? I know a lot of guys like the way that 2002s and GBs mix and I'm hoping the lighter weight on these will take out the glanginess I tend to hate in bright hats. By comparison, the GBs will be significantly more, even if I go used, which is why I'm thinking about taking a stab at the 2002s...

I generally play modern rock, heavy rock and (some) metal - I used to play all metal... but I've kinda gotten bored of it at this point!

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