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I just watched The Who's DVD Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 and it has some great footage of Keith performing.

What struck me most was the way he engaged with Pete and John both visually and verbally. He looked at them with wide eyes, laughed at them, smiled at them, nodded, pointed, and "conducted". Never a dull moment.

After I got passed that, I noticed that his kit sounded really great, but I couldn't see a forest of microphone stands. NO overheads, yet the cymbals are screaming and Keith is NOT a hard hitter. He actually looked a bit gentle working on his tins. (Not so much on his kicks. A head was replaced during a tune.)

And the size of his toms! All the mounted toms are what we consider "hyper-drive" today. Short Premiere toms sounding huge!

If anyone knows, please let us know how they mic'd his kit. The only mics I can see are kick mics on booms.
~ CB
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