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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

The Open Mic Night kit, because the snare got a nice new head:

CB MX drums - 10" rack, 14" floor, 20" bass. Left the 12" rack at home because I couldn't be arsed to lug it.

Cymbals - Crappy Zildjian hats (ZXT+? I dunno. They're gone as soon as I get something worth playing), 18" Sabian AA Medium Crash, 20" AA Medium-Heavy Ride. Other cymbals consist of 10" AAX Splash,15" AAX Studio Crash, and 16" Wuhan china, but couldn't be arsed to bring the extra stands.

I'm actually quite impressed with these drums. Good heads and good tuning mean they sound pretty fracking nice. I need to replace the smaller tom heads - they're ancient ebony Pinstripes. I had a NOS red Evans Hydraulic in my stash and put that on the 14" tom, and it sounds very nice. Waiting on a EMAD2 for the bass. The previous owner added the maple bass hoops. I'm going to pull the disgusting burgundy wrap and refinish the shells with tung oil or something, because the wood is too pretty.

The best part is this 5-piece kit, complete with cymbals and hardware, came to me for...

wait for it!



Bob Davis
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