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Default Re: Anyone ditch the rack?

opentune - you see the Anniversary 16 to the left of my kit - in the last photo - that belonged to Elvin Jones. I bought it from a fellow Forum-ite who purchased it from Donn Bennett who in turn purchased pretty much all of Elvin's drum gear from Elvin's late wife Keiko Jones. Since you have his photo in your Avatar I thought you might like this little bit of history.

And sorry for going O/T on your thread here Altar.

I too don't like the big bar across the kit. If I was on stage/tour and needed a large kit setup maybe then it would be a good thing.


Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Dudes...pretty sure the OP is refer to the rack *tom*, not a rack for cymbals toms etc.

I don't like a rack aesthetically the big bar across a kit.
I do love a rack tom, and certain fills and pickups for me rely on it, though I admire setups without it.
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