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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by MAX ZNAEVSKY
Hey, Steve!
Are you using only one mic to pick up the sound of T's snare on gigs, or two (batter and snare sides), or maybe sumthing else?
And what you can advice me as a PROtech, should I use 2 or 1 mic is enuff for my 14x8" maple snare drum? I really have no idea, what it's like to pick up the sound with 1 mic only from the snare side? will it work well or not? Simply my batter head is high-pitched and the snare side is low, and I want to get a low/middle short, kinda shotgunblast sound in total.

Cant wait yer reply, tanx in advance, Max.
Hey Max, thanks for writing. To answer your questions: on T's live snare with Motley I use two Shure SM57s- one on top, one on the bottom directly in the middle about 4 inches from the head/snare wires... I haven't ever tried miking just the bottom of a snare, you need to mic the top to get the attack of the drum... In the studio, I like using an SM57 on top and a SM81 condenser mic underneath.., it grabs all the body and snare buzz quite well; and you don't have to do much to the EQ either. Hope that helps! Let me know your results!
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