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Originally Posted by The Drum Monkey
hey Alex

quick question

what was the defining factor which made you become a drummer?
Hey Drum Monkey!
Well, my father was playing all these old jazz records (with Fats Waller etc). So I would listen to them all the time at home. Besides, my dad would always "drum" along with this hands ... and he could really make it swing. Very Gene Krupa like.
He wasn't a musician though, he was a ladies' hairdresser!!! But I must have gotten the talent and jazz interest from him. I guess that's why he supported me in any way he could AFTER I had served my apprenticeship as a ladies' hairdresser as well (you did what your parents told you back then!).
You see, before he'd let me drum full time he wanted me to proove to him that I was a better drummer than hairdresser! And trust me, I was!!!!!

Best wishes

PS. I just remembered that the British drummer Joe Daniels was a great inspiration for me too back in the 50s.
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