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Originally Posted by OZjazzer
Hi Alex. I was very interested in your list of favourites especially Red Garland's 'Billy Boy' on the Davis album. I adore that track but am old enough to recall when it first came out a critic said something along the lines of 'great album pity about including the cocktail-jazz piano track'. Here we are some 40 years on and people are still talking about it (Bob James recently did a 'cover' of it on his wonderful trio album). Garland was no doubt inspired by by Ahmad Jamal's great version with another of my heroes Vernell Fournier. Interesting that the Philly Joe's much imitated cross stick, one in the bar 'click' was evidently copied from Fournier who was in turn trying to imitate the percussive accent guitarist Ray Crawford produced in the original drummerless Jamal trio.

Have been searching for anything by Lisa Nilson that is more like the jazz material she performed with you in Australia, she absolutley knocked me out. I have never been so impressed with a female singer in over 50 years of being a jazz fan. Just magnificent. I even like her popular recordings. Fabulous.
Hey OZjazzer!
Very interesting to read about Vernell Vournier and Ahmad Jamal etc. I had no idea Philly Joe had it from there! To be honest it's been a long time since I listened to anything by Jamal .. even though I do like him a lot.

Oh yes, I could imagine critics saying that about "Billy Boy" back then. But - in my opinion anyway - it's sometimes the most banal and naive things that turn out most beautiful, if played by the right people with the right heart that is. Just take "Danny Boy" with Ben Webster ... or "Smile" ...

You have NO idea how happy I am to hear you praise Lisa Nilsson! She's indeed uniqie. You should DEFINATELY get hold of the DVD called "Between A Smile And A Tear". It's a documentary film about the legendary jazzhouse Montmartre in Copenhagen; but most of all it's about what happens when musicians get together and interact - on stage and backstage! In this case the musicians are: Lisa Nillson, Johnny Griffin, Albert "Tootie" Heath, Toots Thielemanns, Niels Lan Doky, Mads Vinding and Didier Lockwood. It's a BRILLIANT film - very funny too! I can highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in music!!!! You'll love it!
I believe the soundtrack from the film is included when you buy the DVD.

(let me know if you have problems finding it .. it should be available online though)

Best wishes
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