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Ginger Baker... ah, what can I say?

Ginger Baker Trio with Bill Frizzel and Charlie Haden
Ginger Baker, Coward of the County
Ginger Baker's latest... Why?

and of course all the Cream, Blind Faith, Air Force etc...

Opinionated arse or suffering from Asperger's syndrome?

He's not well, has terminal COPD, oxygen and morphine inhalers for the pain and spends a lot of time in his recliner, out of necessity.

Beware Mr. Baker and associated clips are up on YouTube.

So is an interesting interview conducted by Chad Smith (RHCP).

Jack Bruce aside, I think Baker probably has been ripped off a bit, by EMI, and Nigerian officialdom. And he feels bitter about it. But... is that the Asperger's talking, the rattled brain of a former junkie, the medication? You decide.

I honestly find him to be a fascinating musician. He's not my role model, but I do admire his quest and am saddened by his present health conditions.

All of his personal drum "hero's" have acknowledged his abilities, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Max Roach, all gave Ginger kudos and I think that's what matters to Baker, not yours or my opinion but the respect of his peers.

He'll be gone soon. I think he may be looking forward to that journey as well.
dic quid gingiberi

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