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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

OK, I played a show tonight. My new Remo Ambassador head came just in time to goo-gone the Remo logo off, slap on a Ludwig logo that I got in the mail, and set it up on the kit with a felt strip. Sounded pretty good. I will have to continue to mess around with the sound to get it dialed in the way I want it. But for now, it sounds great.

Also the got a chance to use the new Pearl S1030 snare stand as my rack stand. It is awesome. It is rock-solid, has the height I want, and is straight forward in its design. Love it. And... I had a chance to play with my Big Block, Bass Brake. It kept things nice and anchored. No slippage through a pretty heavy set. Love it.

Sorry for, yet again, another blurry photo, but I suppose its better than nothing.
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