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Default My new PDP maple set awesome

This is my first post here and I wanted to speak about my first set of drums I recently purchased. The PDP concept maple shell pack 7 piece is what I decided on. First and foremost the quality is outstanding, a great platform for something great. The first thing I did was set it up stock, and tuned the heads it came with. Then I started changing heads, not all just the snare, the 10 and the 12 inch toms. I realized that knowing how to tune a drum is critical no matter what drum you have or the heads you have on it. I also realized that it is YOUR personal preference of what YOU want the drum to sound like. I have finally got my head combo dialed in, it took a lot of trial and error ordering different batters and resos but I got it. I just hope anyone considering this PDP Maple shell pack will read this and realize that it is a great buy and sounds AWESOME.

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