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Default Re: Favorite Cymbal Owned and Favorite Dream Cymbal

Breathing a little life back into this one...

22" Lauritsen Kontroversial 2300g. This cymbal is just know that you really like a cymbal when you're a more creative, musical player when it's in front of you. Excellent, and ageing beautifully. if you've never had the pleasure. Craig is excellent to deal with as well.

22" K Con MT Low - another great cymbal. Seems as though with the Cons you either get one that you really love, or come across others that you don't. I've had a 22" MT Low, 20" MT High and 20" MT Low, 18" Crash, and 14" Hats over the years... Hats are amazing (new style), 18" Crash and 22" Ride are as well. Others weren't terrible, but I can't dig the 20" Cons for least not the MT ones. Jack of all trades...master of none.

20" Johan VDS. Proud to own something by this great cymbal smith. A very sad loss.

22" Kerope. This is the new kid on the block, and it's my 'K Istanbul Intermediate Stamp'. One of those cymbals that you hear and think 'that's what a jazz cymbal is supposed to sound like!' Also have the 19" and a set of 15" hats, with a 20" on order :)

Dream Cymbal:

Not many left on the list, really. I've never heard a Spizz in person, so that would be great. Don't have an overwhelming desire to own any of the usual suspects (Old K, etc), but then again...when you hear something amazing...
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