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Originally Posted by LiquidSoul546
Alright, this is a drummers thread, and i don't want to argue but discuss this guys talent factor. I mean, how is he such a great drummer? I am wondering this because i can see what he plays is all so simple, and if he is sponsered why not you, or any other drummer that can belt out 1 and 3 on bass drum, 2 and 4 snare, with eighth note highats. He's sponsered cause he is in a popular band. And he's a "great" because he's in a popular band. if someone could prove me wrong i'd like to hear.
P.S, don't get mad at me if you like him, i totaly respect if you like the band, and love what he does.
I agree with this post ^

because even thought he is resonably good he is overated because of the band he plays in like lars urich is but i still love green days music just like i love the white stripes music even though meg white, well isn't the most talented drummer lets say.. lol ;)

but what i do think is that we should not agrue on about who is the best drummer or the worst drummer because at the end of the day there the ones with the paychecks and all the cash not us (well most of us on this forum lol!) so i therefore appriciate every drums playing.

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