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Default Re: Anybody else who doesn't care about the World Cup?

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
Sorry to hear that. At least you guys have the #1 golfer in the world. I'm very surprised at the results so far, I've been keeping up with the scores, but all the games are on channels I don't get. Plus, I'm working when most of the action is going on. I've always rooted for the team that had to go through my favorite team to get to the championship game. Ghana knocked out the USA team in the early rounds in a couple previous World Cups, so it was nice to know the USA team is still in contention by beating them. Weird World Cup this year.
I didn't know we had the #1 golfer - bully for us :)

I haven't seen many games because they are mostly on at some ungodly hour in the morning. My dad used to get up at any time to watch the football but he was pretty into it. There have been some odd results - like Spain and Portugal both being flogged. They were the conquerors of South and Central America and now they return to the scene as bit players :)


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