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Default Re: Vic Firth TITAN Drumsticks - Product Spotlight video

I see a lot of positive things going around about the TITAN sticks, so I figured I'd throw a rare negative opinion of them in here:

The company I work for buys the carbon fiber from a supplier, then sells to Vic Firth for these sticks. A guy in the office was given a pair of these, and knowing that I'm a drummer, wanted me to try them out and see what I thought.

From a durability standpoint, these things seem to be awesome. They're also awesome from a "blister" standpoint...they're very smooth and don't tear up your hands at all (although I know some people prefer grippier sticks).

My biggest complaint was the weighting of the stick, and it made it unplayable for me. I know stick preference is totally subjective, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but these things are so forward-weighted (probably from the hollowed-out butt end) that I feel like I'm desperately fighting the stick instead of letting it do the work. I wanted to play for a few hours with them to give him some feedback, but I honestly couldn't stand them for more than 15 minutes. It feels like the equivalent of swinging a baseball bat with a donut on it.

I really am hoping they catch on and make more sizes and weights to choose from because I love the idea of ultra-durable and ultra-consistent sticks like this, but the TITANs themselves just don't do it for me.
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