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Default Re: Anybody else who doesn't care about the World Cup?

I played it at school. Usually we played Rugby in some of our PE lessons (in the winter at least) but our teacher decided that Aussie Rules was a good idea for a while. It wasn't on the full-sized pitch (we played it on a Rugby pitch) but we got a decent feel of how the game works. It was probably because my class consisted of Big Blokes (me, a guy called David, who at 15 was 6'5" and 252Ibs and a couple of others that played Rugby a lot) and a lot that didn't play Rugby or were smaller. It was a great leveller. Most of the Rugby lessons resulted in destruction...

As somebody that was always discouraged from kicking, I found it tough as nails. The takedowns were a lot more fun though! A really good laugh. I doubt my shoulder would be up to it these days and I'm a couple of stone more than I was in my peak...

I've always had a soft spot for Aussie Rules. I think it's a great, great game. Even if it is Australian.
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