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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

This is My DW Performance Kit I bought about a year ago through ZZounds. 22x18, 16x14, 12x9 in Pewter Sparkle with G2s on the toms, an Evans EMAD2 on the kick, and an Evans ST Dry on the snare, still have not replaced the stock resos. I love my floor tom but I am more of a 14'' floor tom kida guy so I might switch that out at some point.

Hardware is Dw 9000 bass pedal, boom stand and hi-hat stand with Sabian 14" X-Cellerator Hi-hats and a 22'' Sabian Omni which is my favorite cymbal ever.

Also pictured is a 14x5.5 polished brass Tama Snare which I would like to know more about if anyone knows anything I can give details.I plan on replacing it with a 14x6.5 DW Collector's Nickel Over Brass. More/closer-up pictures to come!!!
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