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Default Re: Anybody else who doesn't care about the World Cup?

Shows how blinded we are by money in sport.

Yes there is a world cup in soccer / football (eer Larry American footy is largely "throwing the ball, same as the marority of rugby hence the derision re the name "football" we Aussies call the roundball game soccer as Aussie Rules is the " Footy" and Rugby is League or Union"

but there is 2 other "WORLD CUPS" being played

1/ world cup in hockey (field or proper hockey.... not this iceskating biffo sport) is just entering its finals (womens anyway, not sure about mens...that may still be in playoff stage)

2/ World cup in basketball.

As for toughness of US vs Rugby an All Blacks vs Springbocks game some time.

Or an Aussie Rules game....

As for "soccer" there should be an academy award section for the greatest "dive". From memory Jurgen Klinsmenn of the then West Germasny was the master !!
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