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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

Originally Posted by Power Tom View Post
Beautiful Kit. How is the finish / bearing edges, chrome plating? Everything up to snuff?

BTW - its about $60 for a regular 22" head in the UK, so no complaining please! :)
Thank you sir. The finish is better in real life, and far better than most pictures capture. I really like how it came out. It matches our Seattle weather here. I am glad I went in this direction. The bearing edges are great. I can really only compare them to the two different Tama kits I own the Granstar and the Artstar, both very nice. It does seem like Ludwig doesn't go quite as glassy smooth as my old Tamas per memory. Both are done very well, it just seems that Tama has more of a satin finish to the inside of their drums. The chrome looks great. I take care of my gear and transport them only in Protection Racket soft padded drum cases, so I am hoping they look as good yeas down the road as they do right now. The hoops on the bass drum are very sharp looking. The inlay is very classy and the black finish on the inside of the hoop is super smooth and beautiful.

The sound is better than the sound I had in my head. I love these larger sizes. They thunder! The bass drum can be heard easily through a wall of amps and speakers. They don't get drowned out like my Artstar Custom 22" bass kit did as much when competing with my lager Paistes. To be fair, I am running all 2002s. 24" Ride, 22" Crash, 24" Reverend Al's Big Ride (crash), 20" Novo China, and 15" SE hats. So, they had their work cut out for them for sure. But the bass just has a healthy amount of volume on tap. My guitarist really dug it.

ok.. I wont go on too much about expensive bass heads here. That is pretty rough. I am excited to have a chance to play them out in the wild on Saturday.
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