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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

So I got a chance to play the new kit for the first time yesterday. They sound beautifully loud! I am very happy. My guitarist said that he can finally hear the bass drum. I am also very glad I went with the 14" rack tom. The whole kit just sounds very full, with good tones with a fairly wide range of tuning. My first go at it was a bit rushed due to trying to make a show that night, but we practice again on Saturday and have a show Saturday night. It will be awesome!

I have not experienced much in the way of the double bounce that some people complain about when they go to a 26" bass drum without a port. I don't plan on porting it for a while. Let the sound men deal I suppose.

The only issue that I am having is that the bass pedal came off twice during our practice. I believe it's due to playing on carpet that is somewhat thick, and having a drum rug over that, (to protect said carpet). The bass drum on the batter side bounces up and down, eventually letting the bass pedal work itself free. I will try raising the bass, via the spurs, a bit to help keep the rear down. That, and I will work out a new carpet strategy. I might get a thinner carpet, and or, bolting a two-by-four to the front of the carpet to help anchor the bass drum. I don't think it is moving forward really, just jumping up and down.
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