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Default Re: What's your "day" job?

Bearing salesperson BUT i have each &every wednesday off AND towards end of this month will ONLY work 2 days pw &i DONT work weekends so am free to play gigs! :).
Would LOVE to play 5 days pw BUT it's SO competitive with the Melbourne music scene not to mention pokies have taken over where they used to have bands playing and planning/building developers are both designing&building apartments with bedrooms facing the pubs/venues where the band(s) set up to play so you have people complaining about noise! :( even though the venue was there BEFORE they built the apartment(s) !.For me to paly 5 nights pw i'd have to play in 2-3 bands which's is difficult interms of working around them i'd also LOVE to do session work BUT i CANT&DONT read charts NOR am i disciplined enough to be TOLD HOW&WHAT to play &HOW to tune my drums.Plus the session scene in Melbourne's pretty much covered &there's NOT the work there once was with Pro-tools&home studios drum machines replacing session drummers! :(.
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