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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

I was always quitting when things got tough! Piano lessons, basketball, homework and all the stuff growing up from grade school; I finally said to myself I'm going to take up drums and I'm going to stick with it. So started in the 7th grade with a plastic snare drum for Christmas( I'll never forget the name "Big Bash"). I read everything over and over as nothing else really interested me as drum stuff! Teaching myself by reading (and I was a slow reader) I mastered the single stroke roll, and practiced everyday before my parents got home from work as the noise they said had to stop. The double stroke was definitely much harder-Think tip bounce control; Powerful stuff! Still with no band in our small Catholic school I read everything I could get my hands on from the libraries as I knew nothing in music notations, so most music drum teaching books were out of my league. Searching stuff to read I learn of Baby Dodds, I found a book from CA Berkley School of Music by Dawson, describing various latin rhythms, with words instead of music notes! What a find! After 46 yrs and owner of 4 vintage kits, lots of small town gigs, a few big ones, I still have the same enthusiasm and the book from Dawson - but "Big Bash" is long gone!
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