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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Originally Posted by ahsdrumline2013 View Post
Hey, EvansSpecialist, I was wondering about what dadario is. I've noticed their name on everything Evans and was wondering, is this a company that bought out Evans or has it always been like this and I never noticed? Does this mean these dadario guys are going to make changes? I have ordered some heads and I love them so if so, these changes are great especially the level 360 heads. I also ordered some promark sticks and noticed they're a little different than the ones I've always loved. Maybe I got a dud pair or are the winds of dadario change coming and if so, what are they? Very curious.
D'addario has been the parent company of Evans for a long time. They recently added ProMark to their family though. It seems like lately they decided to make the D'Addario brand more known however.

Btw, D'addario makes great instrumental strings as well for guitar, bass, violin, etc. They also own Rico which makes reeds for Saxes and stuff, and planet waves which makes accessories.
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