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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Hey, EvansSpecialist, I was wondering about what dadario is. I've noticed their name on everything Evans and was wondering, is this a company that bought out Evans or has it always been like this and I never noticed? Does this mean these dadario guys are going to make changes? I have ordered some heads and I love them so if so, these changes are great especially the level 360 heads. I also ordered some promark sticks and noticed they're a little different than the ones I've always loved. Maybe I got a dud pair or are the winds of dadario change coming and if so, what are they? Very curious.

And p.s. I have had my new drumset about a year. I have DW performance series and a Ludwig suphraphonic snare. I plan on putting G2 coated on tom batter, G1 clear on tom reso, PC reverse dot on snare batter, hazy 300 on snare side, and I already have an EQ3 reso black on the bass reso from where I busted the stock one. I'm not too sure what to do for bass batter but I'm thinking of some kind of EMAD, but idk whether to get EMAD 1 or 2 and if I should get coated or clear. Any suggestions and do these sound like a good combination for these drums?

Sorry to join this forum so late.


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