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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

Thanks for all the kind words and complements all. Finish can always be a a tricky thing, especially with Ludwig. When I had to revise my original choice if Black Glass Glitter due tobeing told that it is not available, I was defiantly thinking about being able to possibly add drums down the road. But after seeing a few pictures if this updated version of VBOP, I decided to take a chance. For the most part, this is the configuration that I play. I may get crazy at some point and go full Bonzo by adding another 18" floor tom, but what I have now is pretty much my standard. And after seeing this finish up close, I am happy I went a little outside of my comfort zone. My camera doesn't capture it very well, but there are some great looking Classics in the same finish on eBay and Google, and fellow drummers on this site. If they go by popularity of finishes ordered, this might be around for some time.

That, and from what I can determine, it looks as if the two like-named finishes are listed as completely different options. So, let's say you have the BOP finish and I have a VBOP finish, in theory as of now, we should be able to get finishes to match the drums we already own. And of course, tomorrow is another day. All bets are off.
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