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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

Originally Posted by Bull View Post
I had trouble finding snare stands that would go high enough.I ended up taking tubing from two old junked tom stands and extending two early 2000s Ludwig stands.

Damn, I want Vintage Black Oyster.

The Pearl S1030 snare stand looks pretty cool. It says it goes up to nearly 26". That should work for me.

Now I will have Tama cymbal stands, DW hi-hat and pedals, and a Pearl snare stand. What a hobo right? I am sure it would drive some crazy not to have things match, but I figure I try to get the best gear for the job at hand. The Pearl design looks pretty solid and a lot less bulky than many other comparable stands.

Get a set Bull! Be drum rich and cash poor like me! You don't need to eat EVERY day right? Your Red Sparkle looks sharp man! Maybe keep an eye open for a used set to re-wrap in VBOP. If I ever pull the trigger on buying a house, I might be able to play again where I live. It kills me. Soon. But when I do get my own place, I might end up wanting a similar kit to play at the house. Not now, but down the road I will be keeping an eye out for a similar used kit. They pop up every once in a while.
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