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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

Originally Posted by drumdevil9 View Post
Yeah, I could never play the tom in that position, low to the left. I put mine where it would be if there were two toms with the second one taken away. That means on a bass drum that size it would be really high and tilted. One of the reasons I will never have a bass drum that big, haha.
Yeah, at least the high tom position will be where I try to start. Although, truth be told, it won't be THAT much different than my Tama Artstar "power tom" size position. lol. Maybe I have been practicing for just such an occasion. I may play around with it for a bit to feel it out and see what makes the most sense for me. If I get dead-set on having it much higher, I could look into flying it off a cymbal stand, but I don't think it will come to that. And, for me at least, aesthetically speaking, I would prefer the old snare basket rack mount.
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