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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Name: Greg Pinney
Age: 13 (turning 14 in 3 months)
How long have been playing: 9 Years
Orgin of user name: The first letter in my name and then my last name
Top 5 Drummers: #1-Neil Peart #2-Carter Beaford #3-Steve Gadd #4-John Bonham #5-Terry Bozio
Make of Drum Kit: Pearl
Make of Cymblas: Curently Sabain but upgrading to Zildijan A Customs
Where do you practice: Bedroom or Basement
Are you in a band: Curently was in a band that broke up looking to start a new one
Covers or originals: origanals in my band, cover when im bored
Style of music: Rock,hardcore,heavy metal, screamo,emo, indie, jazz, blues, swing
Favorite take out food: Subway
Country: United States of America
One really odd fact: Cant think of one
How did you start drumming: I told my parents i wanted to play the drums