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Default Re: NDD! My Classic Maples are here!

Thanks guys.

Yeah Bull, I think it was you who said, "Welcome to the world of $50 bass drum heads." LOL, not just that, but good luck finding stores that stock them. GC has become a lot less relevant than they even were to me. That's OK, there are still a few good drum shops around that carry big drum heads.

I also ordered a Pearl S1030 snare stand for the rack tom. I had tried out a Ludwig Atlas Pro, but I think I want a little more height in my time of transition. I would prefer the tom close to the bass and higher, and not completely off to the side and low. At least that's how I am going for now.

I am running Emperor/Ambassador to start out with. I am doing some experiments with my introduction to felt strips. I think I got it. I still want a fairly open lively, even a bit ringy sound.

I am glad the kit showed up this week. This means I get to play it for this weekend's show. Yippee!
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