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TITLE: Dave Weckl's Natural Evolution
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Really really great for hand technique. It's for pro, semi-pro and beginners.
Certainly recommended for everyone who holds the stick right at the back. Dave changed his technique after maybe 30 years of drumming. He explains how he gained insight that he used the "wrong" technique for 30 years and explains the "right" one and the differences between the two. Everything is really great and detailled explained.

I recommend it especially to everyone who plays "Keit Carlockish" will change your playing!!!!!! And you'll understand it actually feels better :-)

The only thing what I'm not so positive about is wen he explains the foot technique. Almost te whole DVD is about hand technique but at the end he still wants to say something about foot technique....he only gives one possibility.....and I actually don't agree with him at that point
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