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Originally Posted by Popcorn Mogul View Post
is Mike actually banned? properly banned?
Yes. I banned him - permanently.
In a nutshell: He made fun of people (although not forum members) for no reason. I posted a comment on this. He took this as dog piling. We had a few PM's. He got upset, called me names and well, guess what happened. I've been noticing that he had some rudeness in some of his posts. That alone didn't make me act in any way but his reactions on my comment and PM's did. Initially, when I addressed his lack of respect via PM, I had no plans on banning him whatsoever. I was surprised and disappointed by the way he reacted though.
Originally Posted by Popcorn Mogul View Post
I kinda liked that guy...
Not sure if you'd still like him after reading the PM's he sent me.

I won't go into any more detail about that guy. He clearly steered towards getting banned so in the end, it was kind of his own decision. So be it.

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